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The painted interior and exterior of a building give a property that first impression to visitors that you can’t get back. If it’s a good paint job, then that first impression adds instant value to your property. When you need painting done at your old or new property, leave it to our professionals here at Spokane Painting Company. Our professional paintwork will last longer and hold up to elements better than amateur work will. While quality paintwork may cost more upfront, it will last for many more years to come. We consider it a privilege to serve the Spokane, Washington area for all your paint needs. We are also prepared to work with a wide variety of surfaces and materials at your home and business properties alike.

About Us

Painting is a trade and an art, and our team has mastered both of these aspects. Over the years, we have received reputable and reliable training. We have also been able to enhance the outcomes that we provide to our clients. Our team’s continual dedication to perfection has helped accelerate and propel our ability to meet your needs and expectations.

Our Painting Services

The services that we offer for all of your painting needs are affordable. Not to mention, we provide you with valuable advice and insights before we get started on the project. It means all of the time allotments will be appropriately scheduled and that all of the project details are properly outlined and completed while staying on time and budget.

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To get the quality of paint job you are expecting, first, the surface needs to be prepared. We handle all prep work, including sanding, pressure washing, and sandblasting. We are also experienced in cleaning tape lines and covering all of your windows to prevent overspray. No matter how complex the job or how many colors you want, we can get the job done and meet your expectations. Not sure what colors you are looking for? Our team has a great eye for design and will help you choose accent colors, trim, and body colors that add the most value to your beautiful home. Call us today to answer all of your questions and to schedule a free estimate!

​We handle tarping and taping to give you perfectly straight lines and prevent drips and spills. We also handle all the clean-up and help you put your space back together afterward. We can help you choose the right sheen and gloss for your walls as well as the right colors for your space. If you need design advice, give us a call for tips and direction on how to make your area live up to its greatest potential! Call us today with all of your design questions and schedule a free estimate!

You are also guaranteed quality if you hire us to do your commercial painting. There is a huge difference between painting on a residential and commercial level. A business requires professional touches because everything needs to be attractive for the customers that frequent the establishment. It comes down to quality and attention to detail at the end of the day. That is what we assure. As the best commercial painters in Spokane, we will also make sure to be punctual with time. The team understands that any disruptions happening to your business will affect sales and operations.

The needs of the customers have to be met even as space is being improved through paint. We will be sure to work around the business activities to appear to be in the periphery. In no time, we will be done and out of your hair. Our customers are essential to us, and our goal is to provide them with the best painting experience for their business. We want to make the process as stress-free as possible. Our interactions will be quite easy as we get things right the first time. Do not waste your time with an amateur painter who will rack up the bills and not give you value for money.

No matter your painting service needs, we will have you covered. Whether you need interior services for the office or exterior services for the logo and branding, we have you covered. Need help with that perfect design pop that will draw more customers in? Our design team will help you choose the perfect colors and design to give you that wow factor you are looking for! We also understand that you need the job done in a timely fashion so you can get back to business! We know how to stick to a schedule and get in and get out quickly. We won’t leave you a mess and will be sure to leave the space as we found it. We handle all tarping off and protecting your valuable business assets. Give us a call today for a free estimate, and let us answer all your questions!

We have several color and tint options available for your home. The stain option can be oil or water, customized according to the color you would prefer. We aim to make your fence look as attractive as possible for your family and potential buyers who come calling. Thankfully, staining ensures the uniform coloring of the fence, particularly if you are using different wood options. That will be sufficient to make the fence look great for years. One of the best advantages that come with fence painting is low levels of maintenance involved. The stain could be resealed every year and then reapplied within a period of every few years.

The only maintenance as well needed for painted fences between the paintings is cleaning. The staining services and painting services that we offer in the Spokane, Washington area have been renowned for various reasons. We have even had people who wanted their fence torn down and rebuilt because it looked so neglected. But after some pressure washing and new stains, the owners couldn’t believe their eyes! Their fence looked as good as new and matched the rest of their home as well! 

We have been working in this industry for many years, and we are going to be able to get your fence properly painted or stained when you need it done. Not sure what to do with your fence or outbuildings? Let us come and answer your questions. We would also love to come and give you a free estimate on staining or painting your fence!

You can go with various log home stains depending on what you would like for your home. for example, oil-based log home stains have excellent wood grain visibility, and they are generally nonporous. The goal of log or wood staining is mostly for protection than it is for the beauty of the material. The great thing with oil-based stains is they allow for both. You get to have a good sense of the wood because the stains accentuate the overall aesthetics. Oil staining is also easily applicable, so there will not be an extra cost, and it does protect from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. These rays can cause damage to wooden surfaces over time and decrease the lifespan of boards or siding, so this is an added advantage. The other problem of unprotected log siding is water penetration or moisture, leading to structural weakening and rot. You may go with latex-based log home staining as well. Though oil staining seems like a good option, it also does not offer breathability.

Latex log home staining is breathable and provides the same advantages, including UV protection, durability, and easy application. The great thing about it is its low maintenance, and it does not have any strong odors. If you prefer varnishes, we also have an array of options for your log home. These give a natural look, so there is a lot of visibility of the wood grain. The problem with varnishes is they allow for peeling, cracking and have to be recoated every few years.

We know how to strip off old stains and oil, whether with sandblasting, pressure washing, or sanding, so that we will be putting your new treatment on a clean blank canvas. You won’t find any mess left when we have finished – we are careful not to leave any drips or over-spray. You won’t believe how your log cabin looks new again after we are done with it! Give us a call today to answer your questions and to schedule your free estimate.

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