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Sand blasting needs to be left to professionals. Here at Spokane Painting Company, we suggest you leave your sand blasting DIY projects to the curb. We are going to be able to come by and spare you the stress. We are also going to be able to ensure that the work that we do is according to your timeframe. When we are working at your property, we are also going to be able to help minimize dust and sand, and we are going to remain organized and focused throughout the entirety of the project.


We are the leading painting contractors in the region because we offer painting services that get the work done right. One aspect of painting thoroughly and properly is related to sand blasting prior to the work. Our team is going to be able to get the sand blasting done properly because we have the proper equipment. All of the investments we make for tools and products are with the best of the best. We are never going to risk compromising the high-quality work that we are going to be able to deliver to you. Therefore, we are always going to be equipped with the best equipment on the market.


When it comes to scheduling us for an appointment to come by and get the sand blasting done, we are always going to arrive on time. Not to mention, if you have a deadline that needs to be followed, we are going to ensure that our team is able to follow that timeline. Most importantly, when it comes to scheduling us for our services, we are going to be able to meet your needs at your earliest convenience. We know that sometimes you need urgent services or unexpected services. Not to worry though finding a team during your time of need, simply call us for an appointment.


If you want to meet with the team before you make an appointment, or if you want to get a better understanding of how the project will go, how long it will take, and how much it is going to cost, you are able to have a consultation with us. We care about getting this work done in a timely and in an efficient manner. This also means that we care about informing you about all of the different aspects that contribute to the project. You are going to be highly informed when we are through, and you are not going to be able to find sand blasting services more reliable.

Hard Workers

There are many teams in the region that are unable to compete with our team for all of the services that we offer. This also includes the sand blasting services that we offer. Our team is properly trained, so they know what steps need to be taken to ensure that they do a job properly. Also, the workers actually care about the work that they are doing. This means that they are going to bring diligence and work ethic that is unmatched in the marketplace.



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